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Augustine Chihuri faces arrest



Augustine Chihuri

Augustine Chihuri and two serving senior officers face arrest on charges of criminal abuse office following completion of investigations into their cases.

Chihuri, who retired from the police service in December 2017, allegedly instructed Superintendent Edward Marodza and Inspector Joseph Nemaisa to arrest a Harare couple and illegally grab their fleet of vehicles and title deeds to a Harare house at gunpoint on trumped up criminal charges.

Marodza is stationed at Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Marondera District headquarters while Nemaisa is now at Chikurubi Support Unit.

Efforts are underway to locate Chihuri, who is suspected to be in Malawi, to enable justice to take its course.

The other two accomplices are in Zimbabwe while Chihuri is believed to be outside the country.

Sources close to investigations said once Chihuri is located, extradition processes will be initiated to bring him back to Zimbabwe for prosecution.

They also said Marodza and Nemaisa cannot be tried in the absence of Chihuri because the cases are inseparable.

The docket is now with the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU).

Chihuri, in his capacity as Commissioner-General of Police then, is alleged to have unleashed his subordinates on businessman Mr Bigboy Pachirera and his wife Marygold Pachirera.

Mr Pachirera, who is the director of Chelpac Investments Private Limited, was once transport manager at Chihuri’s company called Kidsdale Enterprises Private Limited.

He worked for Chihuri between 1998 and December 2013.

Around September 2013, Chihuri trumped up criminal charges against Mr Pachirera before assigning Marodza to lead the investigation team.

Pachirera was charged with corruptly concealing from a principal a personal interest in a transaction as defined under Section 173(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

He was also charged with theft of trust property as well as fraud.

Mr Pachirera was accused of defrauding Chihuri of $81 000 despite the fact that no audit report had been compiled in respect of Kidsdale.

Chihuri made a formal report against Pachirera at Chitungwiza Police Station on September 9, 2013, and asked Nemaisa to lead the team of investigators.

On December 21 2013, Marodza placed Mr Pachirera’s Tipper trucks which were parked along Sherwood Road in Waterfalls under police guard.

He had to send armed police officers to do the guard duties.

The following day, Marodza summoned Mr Pachirera to his office where he demanded company registration documents for Chelnpac Investments.

Mr Pachirera complied and was later locked up at Harare Central Police Station.
He was transferred to Chitungwiza police cells before being taken to court when the permissible detention period had lapsed.

A Chitungwiza magistrate unconditionally released Mr Pachirera citing over-detention.

In January 2014, police officers, without any court order seized two construction trucks belonging to Mr Pachirera worth $250 000.

The vehicles were taken to Vehicle Theft Squad in Southerton despite the fact that it was not stolen property.

In the same month, the detectives led by Nemaisa also arrested Mrs Pachirera and demanded to be shown more property belonging to Mr Pachirera.The Chronicle

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Madam Boss Attacked By ‘Hitmen’



Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss

Madam Boss who narrowly escaped an early night attack on Monday by suspected hitmen at her Sunridge home is traumatised.

So dire is her situation that she needs counselling and protection from the law as the incident still haunts her.

Madam Boss is now convinced she has become a target of many, including rivals in the game who have been on her neck.

Madam Boss said she is lucky to be alive but reckons her life was under threat.

A complaint was lodged at Mabelreign Police Station.

“I’m still traumatised after last night (Monday)’s drama at my house on my way from town,” she said.

“It all happened in a flash and I don’t know how I survived along with my friends’ Meme (Mercy Gumbo) and Tsitsi Kachembere who were in the car.

“I was being chauffeured by Mercy Gumbo who happens to be a co-tenant at a complex we are renting.

“Mercy was about to drop me at home after our business meeting around 8 pm when the assailants pounced on us.

“What really traumatised me is that it all happened when I was about to open our gate.”

Madam Boss, who insists she was saved by the Lord, suspects she was the target and the suspected hitmen attacked the rear windscreen targeting where she was seated.

“As I was opening the gate, I had a blast from our parked car, which attracted the attention of neighbours.
“Initially, Mercy and Tsitsi remained quiet maybe in shock but when the rear screen was attacked for the third time, they yelled and the assailants sped off.

“When Mhofela (Madam Boss’s husband) arrived, the assailants had sped off in a black car.

“We lodged a complaint at Mabelreign Police Station but we were told investigation officers had already left and they will only attend to us on Tuesday (yesterday) since it was not an accident,” she said.

Madam Boss, whose cellphone was inundated with calls for the greater part of yesterday, said she was leaving room for investigation.

“As we speak, investigations are currently underway but I take it as a foiled robbery.

“My only fear is my five-year-old old daughter who was inside the house with the maid when the incident happened.

“I’m also worried that my friend Mercy’s car was damaged and she had to leave it at my place,” she said.H-Metro

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Grace Mugabe accused of beating housekeeper with a shoe



Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe faces a second allegation of assault after she was accused of beating an employee at the family’s Harare mansion.

Mrs Mugabe, 53, is said to have become enraged that her 95-year-old husband gave the housekeeper a cash wedding gift, punching and striking the woman about the face with a shoe until the blood gushed from her wounds.

Mrs Mugabe, sometimes known as “Gucci Grace”, is already wanted in South Africa on separate charges of attacking a model who had been drinking with her sons in Johannesburg.

Shupikai Chiroodza was formally employed by the government at State House, Mr Mugabe’s 10,000 square meter official residence which he built 15 years ago but chose not to live in.

However, the newlywed maid was seconded to the Mugabe’s’ private residence and claims she was assaulted there on 13 March.

“She started shouting at me and seized me by the neck and pulled me inside the house and locked the door,” Mrs Chiroodza said in her court application

“She started beating me with clenched fists shouting, ‘who do you think you are here, you are milking my husband behind my back.’

“She removed her shoes and continued assaulting me with them and blood started gushing out of my forehead, mouth and nose.”

She told her lawyer, Doug Coltart, that Mrs Mugabe told her to return the cash wedding present and not to tell anyone about the events of that day.

The former housekeeper, who has a newborn child and whose husband is unemployed, said she had never been fired and wanted her job and benefits but had failed to persuade Mr Mugabe’s administration to reinstate her.

She was also rebuffed, she claims, by senior civil servants employed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who came to power via a coup d’etat later in 2017.

“She tried all the avenues she could to get her job back. It is unusual as a labour case as we have argued she was never fired. She was just told not to come back to work,” Mr Coltart said.

He said the matter was being handled by the civil division of the Attorney-General’s office.

Mrs Mugabe allegedly attacked model Gabrielle Engels with an electrical extension cord in a Johannesburg hotel nearly five months after her clash with her housekeeper.

Mr Mugabe is still in Singapore receiving medical treatment, according to members of the family in Harare. Mrs Mugabe recently returned to Zimbabwe. Telegraph

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Teacher knocks pupil’s tooth out for failing to solve Maths problem



Sanele Khumalo

In a shocking instance of corporal punishment,Sanele Khumalo ,a teacher at a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church-run primary school in Bulawayo is facing prosecution after he allegedly pummelled a Grade Three pupil against a desk resulting in the child losing a tooth and three other lower frontal teeth becoming loose after he failed to solve a Maths problem.

The horribly disturbing incident occurred at Queen Elizabeth Adventist Primary School.

It is reported that during a Maths class session, the teacher, Sanele Khumalo, was enraged after the pupil who cannot be named for ethical reasons, failed to solve a long division sum.

According to a medical report, following the brutal attack, the boy suffered permanent damage to his front tooth.

The matter is, however, set to be heard at the Bulawayo magistrate’s court on 6 May and Khumalo who is now facing assault charges was reportedly relieved of his duties after the incident.

Narrating the shocking occurrence to B-Metro, the boy’s mother said as a parent, she felt frustrated, saddened and disappointed.

She said she decided to file charges against the teacher after she realised that the school was not forthcoming to assist with medical bills.

“I sent my son to Queen Elizabeth Adventist Primary School, a Christian school with faith and hope that he will be safe and be treated in kindness. I thought he would be safe from corporal punishment but sadly he suffered a permanent injury that has robbed him of his teeth.

“I was left wondering what kind of reprimand my child was subjected to. Sadly, in the aftermath of the incident the school has not been forthcoming to assist with medical bills,” she said.

She said there were also attempts by the school to force her to withdraw the matter but she refused, saying the assault on her son was serious and could not be condoned.

According to a report which was compiled by the school’s director Ellen Mfumu, and in possession of B-Metro, it confirmed that in a fit of rage, Khumalo allegedly hit the pupil against the desk resulting in him sustaining a broken tooth.

Mfumu said when the incident occurred as an institution they were ready to lay a charge against Sanele Khumalo but were limited by the “mutual” relationship between the teacher and the pupil.

“It was sometime in 2017 when I was informed by the teacher in charge that she had received a report of what happened the previous day. It was concerning a teacher whose learner was hit against a desk and cracked a tooth in the process.

“I phoned the parent to find out what had taken place and she came to the school in the company of other people and arrangements were made that the teacher pays the doctor for immediate attention, this process was done and the child was attended to.

The mother came about two days or so later and said all was well and the child had been attended to and would come to school, and this was in the presence of TIC (teacher-in-charge),” reads the report in part.

The report which was also substantiated by that of the teacher in charge an S Dube further says the mother was instructed by her son not to get the teacher arrested because he “loved” him.

“Everything seemed to have continued normally until 2019 when the case resurfaced. As an institution we were ready to lay a charge against the teacher, however, we were limited by the relationship between the teacher, pupil and his mother. We did not make her put down the forgiveness statement in writing as this would have been normal.”

Mfumu insisted the matter was reported and was dealt with by the school administration together with the mother of the child.

She (Mfumu) however, declined comment on the incident saying she was not at liberty to speak to the Press. Khumalo also refused to entertain questions from B-Metro saying the matter was now set to be heard in court.B-Metro

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