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Big turn out for Enzo Ishall’s Bulawayo debut



Enzo Ishall Kanjiva

The long-awaited Enzo Ishall show in Bulawayo took place on Friday at The Vista and was well attended. Warming up the stage for the Kanjiva and 50 Magate hit-maker were Que movement DJs who kept the crowd well entertained with their diverse playlist.

At around midnight, Enzo accompanied by Chillspot Records stablemate, DJ Fantan took to the stage and upon hearing the musician’s “Stallion” and “Oyii” chants, the crowd went haywire.

He kicked off his performance with Matsimba which the fans sang along. When he performed his breakout single Kanjiva, the crowd was uncontainable with many pushing and shoving to get closer to the artiste.

The musician, who was clearly overwhelmed, kept repeating the introduction of the track before singing the rest of it.

To add onto the fun, the chanter selected a few fans to join him on stage for the performance of the Kanjiva dance. The star was visibly amazed by how the Bulawayo fans emulated the Mbare dance.

Commending the fans, Enzo said the city’s fans were actually better dancers than those from Harare.

After Kanjiva, revellers could not wait for the performance of 50 Magate. Many had hoped to see Kikky BadA$$ who features on the 50 Magate video in action during this performance but unfortunately, she was not there.

However, that did not spoil the fun as there were many fans who were more than willing to fill in Kikky’s spot. Like the Kanjiva dance, the chosen patrons did not disappoint.

Speaking after the show, Enzo said: “I didn’t expect this much love from the people of Bulawayo.

This was such a humbling experience – seeing fans sing along and dance to my songs.

“I didn’t expect it and such experiences give me the zeal to continue working hard,” he said.

Those who missed Enzo Ishall’s debut performance in the city, as well as those who did not get enough of him, will have another dance with the artiste this weekend when he performs at Cosmopolitan Nightclub. Kikky BadA$$ is expected to open up for Enzo at that event.
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Tawanda Mambo (Saintfloew)goes to SA for rehab




Zimbabwean rapper Saintfloew is looking to kick his drug addiction once and for all and has reportedly flown out to South Africa where he is going to receive rehabilitation services.

In an interview with Star FM’s Ollah 7 last week, Saintfloew admitted that he was taking drugs, although he was in the process of trying to quit. He refused to admit whether he had been taking the dreaded crystal meth, known popularly as Guka or Dombo.

I cannot confirm the allegations and I cannot say anything about them, so I am not confirming anything and I am not talking about anything. But what I am saying is we came out from the wrong way, a lot happens here in Chitown (Chitungwiza) and I took multiple drugs.

I am still working on quitting taking some of the things. I am not confirming anything but all I can say is there are some drugs that I am trying to stop,” he said.

Saintfloew also revealed that his drug addiction had little to do with the music industry.

It is not like the pressures of music cause artists to take drugs, but before we became artists, we had nothing to do and we had all the time to take drugs. Now if it is regret or moving on, that is what I am working on,” he said

In an interview with H-Metro before the rapper’s departure to South Africa, Saintfloew’s mother, Ebenezer Mambo said that her son’s struggles with drugs were linked to a tough upbringing. She said the musician lost his father at the age of two.

We lost his father when they were still very young and there was no man in the house to whip my son into line. I tried my best to give him a life, but there are some times when a father is needed in the upbringing of children.

I have never doubted my son’s intelligence, but I was worried when he continued pursuing music. He ended up taking drugs and it pains me a lot,” she said.

Mambo praised Nash Paints Group executive chairman, Tinashe Mutarisi, who convinced Saintfloew to go for rehab in SA, for helping her son get back on track.

“I am humbled that good people still exist as is the case with Mr Tinashe Mutarisi. I think he was sent by God to save my son from abusing drugs.

“Like the biblical Moses, Mutarisi has just done the best for my family and I hope my son will come back from South Africa a changed man,” she said.

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Khanyi Mbau, Kudzai Mushonga are back together again



Kudzai Mushonga Khanyi Mbau

There are indications that the on-and-off romantic relationship between Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga has heated up once more. The couple recently shared pictures of themselves getting cosy on their Instagram pages. One of the photos shows them snuggled up in each other’s arms on a yacht in Dubai, where Mushonga resides. In the caption, they wrote, “We might bend, but won’t break.”

Although Mbau has been in South Africa for work, she is a resident of Dubai and shares a home with Kudzai Mushonga, a Zimbabwean businessman. In another post, the couple is seen toasting with red roses in hand. Mushonga wrote, “Forever us my baby @mbaureloaded. I love you.”

In May, the couple’s relationship status was the subject of speculation after they deleted all posts of each other from their social media accounts. This came after Kudzai Mushonga was rumoured to be romantically involved with Vanja Vicentijevic.

The couple has been in the news before when Mushonga publicly expressed concern about Mbau’s whereabouts after she went missing in Dubai. It was later discovered that Mbau had returned to South Africa without informing Mushonga.

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SABC cancels 7de Laan after 23 years



7de Laan Soap

SABC 2 and Danie Odendaal Productions have announced that after 23 years on air, the popular soapie 7de Laan will come to an end at the conclusion of season 24. The last episode will air on December 26, 2023. The SABC did not provide a reason for the show’s cancellation but stated that it will not be recommissioned for another season after season 24 ends. 7de Laan has been a beloved show since its first broadcast on April 4, 2000.

The show has been a success, spawning roadshows and cookbooks, and creating household names out of numerous actors. Despite the cast and crew being saddened by the news, they expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to produce a show that has touched millions of South Africans. The SABC has been having financial difficulties and has been in negotiations with various production companies, including Danie Odendaal Productions, for several months.

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