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Grace Mugabe accused of beating housekeeper with a shoe



Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe faces a second allegation of assault after she was accused of beating an employee at the family’s Harare mansion.

Mrs Mugabe, 53, is said to have become enraged that her 95-year-old husband gave the housekeeper a cash wedding gift, punching and striking the woman about the face with a shoe until the blood gushed from her wounds.

Mrs Mugabe, sometimes known as “Gucci Grace”, is already wanted in South Africa on separate charges of attacking a model who had been drinking with her sons in Johannesburg.

Shupikai Chiroodza was formally employed by the government at State House, Mr Mugabe’s 10,000 square meter official residence which he built 15 years ago but chose not to live in.

However, the newlywed maid was seconded to the Mugabe’s’ private residence and claims she was assaulted there on 13 March.

“She started shouting at me and seized me by the neck and pulled me inside the house and locked the door,” Mrs Chiroodza said in her court application

“She started beating me with clenched fists shouting, ‘who do you think you are here, you are milking my husband behind my back.’

“She removed her shoes and continued assaulting me with them and blood started gushing out of my forehead, mouth and nose.”

She told her lawyer, Doug Coltart, that Mrs Mugabe told her to return the cash wedding present and not to tell anyone about the events of that day.

The former housekeeper, who has a newborn child and whose husband is unemployed, said she had never been fired and wanted her job and benefits but had failed to persuade Mr Mugabe’s administration to reinstate her.

She was also rebuffed, she claims, by senior civil servants employed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa who came to power via a coup d’etat later in 2017.

“She tried all the avenues she could to get her job back. It is unusual as a labour case as we have argued she was never fired. She was just told not to come back to work,” Mr Coltart said.

He said the matter was being handled by the civil division of the Attorney-General’s office.

Mrs Mugabe allegedly attacked model Gabrielle Engels with an electrical extension cord in a Johannesburg hotel nearly five months after her clash with her housekeeper.

Mr Mugabe is still in Singapore receiving medical treatment, according to members of the family in Harare. Mrs Mugabe recently returned to Zimbabwe. Telegraph

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Teacher knocks pupil’s tooth out for failing to solve Maths problem



Sanele Khumalo

In a shocking instance of corporal punishment,Sanele Khumalo ,a teacher at a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church-run primary school in Bulawayo is facing prosecution after he allegedly pummelled a Grade Three pupil against a desk resulting in the child losing a tooth and three other lower frontal teeth becoming loose after he failed to solve a Maths problem.

The horribly disturbing incident occurred at Queen Elizabeth Adventist Primary School.

It is reported that during a Maths class session, the teacher, Sanele Khumalo, was enraged after the pupil who cannot be named for ethical reasons, failed to solve a long division sum.

According to a medical report, following the brutal attack, the boy suffered permanent damage to his front tooth.

The matter is, however, set to be heard at the Bulawayo magistrate’s court on 6 May and Khumalo who is now facing assault charges was reportedly relieved of his duties after the incident.

Narrating the shocking occurrence to B-Metro, the boy’s mother said as a parent, she felt frustrated, saddened and disappointed.

She said she decided to file charges against the teacher after she realised that the school was not forthcoming to assist with medical bills.

“I sent my son to Queen Elizabeth Adventist Primary School, a Christian school with faith and hope that he will be safe and be treated in kindness. I thought he would be safe from corporal punishment but sadly he suffered a permanent injury that has robbed him of his teeth.

“I was left wondering what kind of reprimand my child was subjected to. Sadly, in the aftermath of the incident the school has not been forthcoming to assist with medical bills,” she said.

She said there were also attempts by the school to force her to withdraw the matter but she refused, saying the assault on her son was serious and could not be condoned.

According to a report which was compiled by the school’s director Ellen Mfumu, and in possession of B-Metro, it confirmed that in a fit of rage, Khumalo allegedly hit the pupil against the desk resulting in him sustaining a broken tooth.

Mfumu said when the incident occurred as an institution they were ready to lay a charge against Sanele Khumalo but were limited by the “mutual” relationship between the teacher and the pupil.

“It was sometime in 2017 when I was informed by the teacher in charge that she had received a report of what happened the previous day. It was concerning a teacher whose learner was hit against a desk and cracked a tooth in the process.

“I phoned the parent to find out what had taken place and she came to the school in the company of other people and arrangements were made that the teacher pays the doctor for immediate attention, this process was done and the child was attended to.

The mother came about two days or so later and said all was well and the child had been attended to and would come to school, and this was in the presence of TIC (teacher-in-charge),” reads the report in part.

The report which was also substantiated by that of the teacher in charge an S Dube further says the mother was instructed by her son not to get the teacher arrested because he “loved” him.

“Everything seemed to have continued normally until 2019 when the case resurfaced. As an institution we were ready to lay a charge against the teacher, however, we were limited by the relationship between the teacher, pupil and his mother. We did not make her put down the forgiveness statement in writing as this would have been normal.”

Mfumu insisted the matter was reported and was dealt with by the school administration together with the mother of the child.

She (Mfumu) however, declined comment on the incident saying she was not at liberty to speak to the Press. Khumalo also refused to entertain questions from B-Metro saying the matter was now set to be heard in court.B-Metro

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Thokozani Shiri: The brutal and violent past of a Chelmsford prisoner




Thokozani Shiri, a 21-year-old Zimbabwean prisoner from Chelmsford who died in hospital had previously been jailed after stabbing a teenager, who had to have his gall bladder removed.

Shiri, previously of no fixed abode but living around Harlow, died in the early hours of Sunday morning in hospital.

The exact time and cause of death has not yet been confirmed by the Ministry of Justice.

An investigation has also been launched by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, which is commonplace when an inmate dies in custody.

Thokozani Shiri had been serving a prison sentence close to three years in length after he was jailed in March 2019.

He had pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court on February 27 to causing grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article.

The incident he was jailed for occurred on October 8 last year when Thokozani Shiri stabbed a 16-year-old boy once in the abdomen after a verbal altercation on a footpath on School Lane, in Harlow.

The altercation caused the victim to lose his gall bladder.

The two males, who were known to each other, had briefly argued at around 6.15pm before Shiri pulled out a combat knife and stabbed the teenager.

The victim was found by an off-duty nurse who performed first aid until paramedics arrived.

He was later taken by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

Shortly after, 6.25pm, Shiri was then found in front of a house in Park Lane, having fought with another boy who was uninjured.

The 21-year-old was approached by two PCSOs, who instructed him to discard his knife.

As he was arrested he claimed his actions were in self-defence.

He received two years and ten months imprisonment for grievous bodily harm and a nine-month sentence for possession of a bladed article, to run concurrently.

Shiri, along with a second man, Wael Rzaigui, was also previously spared jail at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday, March 16, 2018, after both men admitted their part in a fight that saw another man glassed and suffer life-changing injuries.

The pair had pleaded guilty to affray in relation to the incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, September 3, 2017.

The pair were part of a group attack outside Harlow’s Twenty One Bar, on Post Office Walk, and sprayed two male victims with an ‘unknown substance’ at the time.

Shiri squirted the liquid, claimed to be Ciroc vodka and fruit juice, into the victim’s faces.

Rzaigui, 20, of Parsonage Leys, could be seen waving a glass bottle before smashing it on the ground in CCTV footage played to the court.

The pair were both handed a community order and ordered to complete 240 hours of unpaid work by Judge Emma Peters QC.

Another man, Jordan Ogoazi, was jailed for his leading role in the attack.EssexLive

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Top Bulawayo lawyer arrested for ‘rape’



Mlweliwenkululeko Ncube

Mlweliwenkululeko Ncube (38), was yesterday arrested for allegedly raping his client who had visited him at his office for legal consultation.

The incident occurred on April 2 between 12.30PM and 1.30PM at Ncube’s offices in the city.

Detectives pounced on Mlweliwenkululeko Ncube at Tredgold Building after he was dragged to court by a woman demanding maintenance.
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the alleged rape, saying investigations were underway.

“I can confirm that we have arrested a 38-year-old lawyer in connection with a rape case involving his client who is 35-years-old. We are still investigating the matter and the suspect is expected to appear in court soon,” she said.

According to sources, Mlweliwenkululeko Ncube allegedly raped the complainant, who is also his ex-girlfriend, without protection after she walked into his office to consult on a matter involving the estate of her late husband.

Mlweliwenkululeko Ncube and the victim parted ways six years ago.

“The victim, who is Ncube’s ex-girlfriend, visited the suspect’s offices situated along Fort Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue in Bulawayo. The woman wanted Ncube to take legal action on an issue involving her late husband’s estate. While they were discussing, Ncube is said to have sprung from his chair and went to where the woman was seated and demanded to have sex with her,” said the source.

When the complainant refused to give in to Ncube’s sexual overtures, it is alleged that the suspect unzipped his pair of trousers before he tried to force his private parts into her mouth.

“The suspect took out his private part and tried to put it into the victim’s mouth but she stood up and tried to flee before Ncube grabbed and threatened to assault her if she screamed. He then raped the woman,” said the source.

Sources said initially, the victim was afraid of reporting the matter to the police after receiving threats from the suspect. The Chronicle

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