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Inquests hear how Lorraine Mbulawa and Jesus Sanchez died



Lorraine Mbulawa Leicester

Inquests have heard how Lorraine Mbulawa and Jesus Sanchez whose bodies were found in their Braunstone Frith home died.

The bodies of Lorraine Mbulawa Sanchez and her husband Jesus were found by a family friend last week after he had gone up a stepladder and climbed through an open window to get into the house.

Several family members were at Leicester Town Hall today for the separate openings of inquests into the deaths of 27-year-old Lorraine and 31-year-old Jesus.

The hearings presided over by the assistant coroner for Leicester and South Leicestershire, Dr Christina Swann, heard Lorraine Mbulawa, who was born in Zimbabwe, was found face down on a bed.

A family friend broke into the couple’s Tatlow Road home shortly before midnight on Tuesday, November 27 when he became concerned about not having heard from them.

Residents in Tatlow Road said they were stunned by the discovery of the bodies and the house was sealed off while police carried out inquiries into the circumstances of their deaths.

Detective Inspector Jonathan Blockley of Leicestershire Police’s Major Crime Unit, based at Beaumont Leys police station, said Mahlon Hector, who went to the couple’s home with family members, found Lorraine.

He told the first inquest: “Mrs Sanchez’s body was discovered on Tuesday, November 27 at the home address in Tatlow Road and was identified by a cousin, Anendys Sanchez on November 28.

“A family friend, Mahlon Hector, who had not heard from the couple, attended at 23.52 on Tuesday, November 27.

“He noticed an upper window was insecure, although the rest of the house was secure.

“He got a stepladder and managed to get in through a window. He identified Lorraine Mbulawa lying face down on the bed.

“He opened the locked front door to allow in paramedics who attended and confirmed she was deceased.”

He added: “The post-mortem examination was conducted by Dr Michael Biggs on Wednesday, November 28.

“The post-mortem examination, conducted by Dr Michael Biggs, on Wednesday, November 28 gave the provisional cause of death as hanging, pending further toxicology and histology reports.”

DI Blockley added that further investigations and inquiries were being carried out into the deaths.

Dr Swann, who authorised the release of both bodies to the families, suspended both inquests, provisionally until May 10 to allow the police to continue their investigation into the couple’s deaths.

Family members declined to comment after the hearings.

In a statement posted on its Facebook site, St Matthews Seventh Day Adventist Church said it is “deeply saddened by the loss of one of our members, Jesus (Robert) Matos Sanchez and his wife Lorraine Matos Sanchez (nee Mbulawa)

“Their passing has caused shock, hurt and grief to all of us who knew them.

“We as a church will continue to provide support and prayers for all of those affected at this time.

“We continue to place the respective families before God during their time of grief, who alone can bring peace and healing.”

Leicester Mercury

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Frank Buyanga Lamborghini Avedantor S owner



Frank Buyanga

Frank Buyanga has emerged as the owner of the Lamborghini Avedantor S worth about R7.48m that landed in Harare a fortnight ago.

Last week H-Metro reported on the vehicle, whose owner was a mystery then that had been spotted in and around Harare’s northern suburbs including a popular shopping centre.

However, Frank Buyanga turned out to be the owner on Saturday afternoon as he returned from his South Africa base.

Frank Buyanga was spotted with the car at the arrivals section at the Robert Mugabe International Airport and moments later he walked into the Lamborghini Avedantor S and drove off.

Lamborghini Aventador S contains all the usual stuff about new four-wheel steering systems, a 130 per cent improvement of front axle downforce and a whole new control unit to marshall inputs from all the active systems, but none of it, no matter how high-tech, overshadows the drama.

This is how the Aventador S shapes up. It still uses the same central carbon tub with aluminium sub-frames fore and aft. It drives all four wheels through a central Haldex clutch.

The engine is the same 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12, but the valve timing and variable intakes have been altered, yielding another 40bhp (and exactly 1lb ft more torque). The power gain is also aided by a raised rev limiter (from 8,350rpm to 8,500rpm).

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Two arrested for fraud in connection with Alph Lukau’s coffin ‘resurrection’



Pastor Alph Lukau

Two people have been arrested in connection with the hoax resurrection video flighted in February by pastor Alph Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Phindi Louw-Mjonondwane confirmed to TimesLIVE on Tuesday afternoon that two people were arrested on fraud charges in connection with the alleged resurrection.

“They are in custody. They will be appearing in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court (soon) to apply for bail,” she said.

Police spokesperson Capt Mavela Masondo said in March that SAPS was investigating three cases of fraud opened in connection with the “resurrection” incident.

“One case was opened by a funeral parlour based here in Gauteng, another case was opened by people who said they were concerned citizens, and a third one was opened by pastor Mboro [Paseka Motsoeneng],” said Masondo.

Pastor Mboro had staged a protest at Lukau’s offices for “bringing Christianity into disrepute” and opened a case at the Sandton police station.

Kings and Queen’s funeral parlour denied any knowledge of the deceased or selling the coffin to the church.

Brighton Moyo, the man falsely “brought back to life”, has meanwhile died of pneumonia in his home country of Zimbabwe, TimesLIVE reported this week. There he was known as Thabiso Mlanje, 28.

Initially dubbed “Elliot” by Alleluia Ministries, he had on a previous occasion been “healed” from being confined to a wheelchair, a colleague of his said.

Moyo, who according to his family had been in SA since 2011, had been employed by a customised door manufacturing company prior to going missing after the “resurrection” hoax.

The church had denied knowing in advance that it was a “fake miracle”.

“At no stage did pastor Alph Lukau claim that he resurrected the person shown in the video, who was identified to him as Elliot. From the video footage, it is clearly stated that when the mortuary vehicle arrived at the church premises, there was already movement in the coffin. Prior to even praying for Elliot, pastor Alph states that Elliot is in fact breathing,” said the church in a statement issued at the time the scandal first broke.TimesLive

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Thokozani Shiri: The brutal and violent past of a Chelmsford prisoner




Thokozani Shiri, a 21-year-old Zimbabwean prisoner from Chelmsford who died in hospital had previously been jailed after stabbing a teenager, who had to have his gall bladder removed.

Shiri, previously of no fixed abode but living around Harlow, died in the early hours of Sunday morning in hospital.

The exact time and cause of death has not yet been confirmed by the Ministry of Justice.

An investigation has also been launched by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, which is commonplace when an inmate dies in custody.

Thokozani Shiri had been serving a prison sentence close to three years in length after he was jailed in March 2019.

He had pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court on February 27 to causing grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article.

The incident he was jailed for occurred on October 8 last year when Thokozani Shiri stabbed a 16-year-old boy once in the abdomen after a verbal altercation on a footpath on School Lane, in Harlow.

The altercation caused the victim to lose his gall bladder.

The two males, who were known to each other, had briefly argued at around 6.15pm before Shiri pulled out a combat knife and stabbed the teenager.

The victim was found by an off-duty nurse who performed first aid until paramedics arrived.

He was later taken by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

Shortly after, 6.25pm, Shiri was then found in front of a house in Park Lane, having fought with another boy who was uninjured.

The 21-year-old was approached by two PCSOs, who instructed him to discard his knife.

As he was arrested he claimed his actions were in self-defence.

He received two years and ten months imprisonment for grievous bodily harm and a nine-month sentence for possession of a bladed article, to run concurrently.

Shiri, along with a second man, Wael Rzaigui, was also previously spared jail at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday, March 16, 2018, after both men admitted their part in a fight that saw another man glassed and suffer life-changing injuries.

The pair had pleaded guilty to affray in relation to the incident that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, September 3, 2017.

The pair were part of a group attack outside Harlow’s Twenty One Bar, on Post Office Walk, and sprayed two male victims with an ‘unknown substance’ at the time.

Shiri squirted the liquid, claimed to be Ciroc vodka and fruit juice, into the victim’s faces.

Rzaigui, 20, of Parsonage Leys, could be seen waving a glass bottle before smashing it on the ground in CCTV footage played to the court.

The pair were both handed a community order and ordered to complete 240 hours of unpaid work by Judge Emma Peters QC.

Another man, Jordan Ogoazi, was jailed for his leading role in the attack.EssexLive

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