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Inquests hear how Lorraine Mbulawa and Jesus Sanchez died



Lorraine Mbulawa Leicester

Inquests have heard how Lorraine Mbulawa and Jesus Sanchez whose bodies were found in their Braunstone Frith home died.

The bodies of Lorraine Mbulawa Sanchez and her husband Jesus were found by a family friend last week after he had gone up a stepladder and climbed through an open window to get into the house.

Several family members were at Leicester Town Hall today for the separate openings of inquests into the deaths of 27-year-old Lorraine and 31-year-old Jesus.

The hearings presided over by the assistant coroner for Leicester and South Leicestershire, Dr Christina Swann, heard Lorraine Mbulawa, who was born in Zimbabwe, was found face down on a bed.

A family friend broke into the couple’s Tatlow Road home shortly before midnight on Tuesday, November 27 when he became concerned about not having heard from them.

Residents in Tatlow Road said they were stunned by the discovery of the bodies and the house was sealed off while police carried out inquiries into the circumstances of their deaths.

Detective Inspector Jonathan Blockley of Leicestershire Police’s Major Crime Unit, based at Beaumont Leys police station, said Mahlon Hector, who went to the couple’s home with family members, found Lorraine.

He told the first inquest: “Mrs Sanchez’s body was discovered on Tuesday, November 27 at the home address in Tatlow Road and was identified by a cousin, Anendys Sanchez on November 28.

“A family friend, Mahlon Hector, who had not heard from the couple, attended at 23.52 on Tuesday, November 27.

“He noticed an upper window was insecure, although the rest of the house was secure.

“He got a stepladder and managed to get in through a window. He identified Lorraine Mbulawa lying face down on the bed.

“He opened the locked front door to allow in paramedics who attended and confirmed she was deceased.”

He added: “The post-mortem examination was conducted by Dr Michael Biggs on Wednesday, November 28.

“The post-mortem examination, conducted by Dr Michael Biggs, on Wednesday, November 28 gave the provisional cause of death as hanging, pending further toxicology and histology reports.”

DI Blockley added that further investigations and inquiries were being carried out into the deaths.

Dr Swann, who authorised the release of both bodies to the families, suspended both inquests, provisionally until May 10 to allow the police to continue their investigation into the couple’s deaths.

Family members declined to comment after the hearings.

In a statement posted on its Facebook site, St Matthews Seventh Day Adventist Church said it is “deeply saddened by the loss of one of our members, Jesus (Robert) Matos Sanchez and his wife Lorraine Matos Sanchez (nee Mbulawa)

“Their passing has caused shock, hurt and grief to all of us who knew them.

“We as a church will continue to provide support and prayers for all of those affected at this time.

“We continue to place the respective families before God during their time of grief, who alone can bring peace and healing.”

Leicester Mercury

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Zimbabwean Students Find Opportunities Abroad in Nursing



Zimbabwean Nursing Students in Poland

A growing number of Zimbabwean students are looking to Poland for nursing education, hoping to find employment in other countries after graduation. Vincent Pol University in Lublin Poland and the University of Economics and Innovation are among the top destinations for Zimbabwean students pursuing nursing degrees.

Over 500 Zimbabwean students are studying in Poland, with the majority enrolled in nursing programs. The reasons for this trend include the high quality of education offered at these institutions, affordable tuition fees, and the potential for employment opportunities abroad after graduation.

“Poland has a very good reputation in the field of nursing education, and the curriculum is aligned with international standards,” said one Zimbabwean nurse who studied in Poland and now works for the NHS in the United Kingdom. “The education and training I received in Poland prepared me well for my nursing career in the UK”

After completing their nursing degrees, many Zimbabwean students are finding employment opportunities in countries like the UK, Canada, and the United States. These countries are currently experiencing a shortage of nurses, and are actively recruiting qualified professionals from other countries to fill these positions.

“The demand for nurses in these countries is high, and the qualifications and experience that Zimbabwean nurses bring make them highly sought after,” he said. “Many Zimbabwean nurses are able to find well-paying jobs with good benefits, and are able to provide a better life for themselves and their families.”

While the prospect of working abroad is attractive to many Zimbabwean students, there are concerns about the brain drain and its impact on the healthcare system in Zimbabwe. “It is important for us to address the root causes of the shortage of nurses in Zimbabwe, and to invest in education and training programs that will help us retain our healthcare professionals,” he added.

Despite these concerns, many Zimbabwean students continue to pursue nursing education in Poland as a means of achieving their career goals and improving their standard of living. With the demand for nurses expected to remain high in the coming years, the prospects for employment abroad look promising for those who are willing to take the leap and pursue their education abroad.

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Uncle Roland Muchegwa Fined 68 Million Rands For Tax Evasion



Uncle Roland Muchegwa

Uncle Roland Muchegwa ’s ostentatiousness lifestyle is alleged to have triggered the authority to conduct a lifestyle audit on him after he went viral on social media for splurging money on beautiful Mzansi women keen to make a ‘quick buck’.

Roland Muchegwa is alleged to be part of a fuel smuggling syndicate which has been diverting cheap fuel from areas like Kwazulu Natal province after misrepresentation of export and allegedly selling it at a profit in Limpopo province.

The well-knit syndicate also allegedly imports fuel from South Africa and lies that it’s in transit to DRC but offloads it in Zimbabwe where there are fuel shortages and feeds the black market for ridiculous profits.

The tanker then proceeds to DRC filled with water, because the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid but quantity of contents, so this exercise legitimises the rot.

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Wilfred Marodza raped woman four times in the park



Wilfred Marodza

Wilfred Marodza, a trainee solicitor at a top law firm who repeatedly raped a young woman after stalking her and dragging her to a park is facing years in prison.

Marodza, 28, pounced on the victim, in her twenties, in the early hours of July 20 as she walked along Great Dover Street in Borough, grabbing on to her neck and threatening her as he forced her into a secluded part of Dickens Fields.

He then stripped her and raped her four times before she managed to break free, Inner London crown court heard.

She fled naked through the street with Wilfred Marodza in pursuit, as he claimed to bystanders they were having a “domestic” before she managed to escape in a passing minicab.

Marodza, a trainee solicitor with firm Cripps Pemberton Greenish, had been drinking in the area before carrying out the attack at 2.15am and struck again less than two hours later.

He grabbed another woman, also in her twenties, from behind in Borough High Street and put his hand over her mouth, attempting to drag her into a side street. However, the woman screamed and Wilfred Marodza fled.

Police were able to catch him because he left his rucksack, with his work identification inside, at the scene.

CPS prosecutor Nahid Mannan said: “This was a horrendous attack on two young, lone females. The prosecution case included compelling evidence showing Marodza dragging the two victims to secluded areas and also chasing the naked victim he had just raped.

“Marodza also left his rucksack containing his work identification at the scene of the rape, allowing police to easily identify him.

“The CPS takes crimes against women extremely seriously and I hope this conviction goes some way to provide the victims with a degree of closure.”

At court yesterday, Wilfred Marodza, a Zimbabwean national from Eastbourne in East Sussex, pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, kidnapping and a charge of committing an offence with the intent to commit a sexual offence.

He was remanded in custody by Judge Nigel Seed QC until a sentencing hearing next month.

Gavin Tyler, the managing partner at Cripps Pemberton Greenish, said: “We are completely appalled to learn of Wilfred Marodza’s conviction for such shocking offences. We were informed by the police in July of the arrest and that he was remanded in custody but did not know anything about the details of the offences until today. Our thoughts, of course, are with the victims and their families.

“Although there were never any concerns raised internally regarding Mr Marodza, we are offering support for staff members who worked closely with him or who feel affected by the news for any other reason.” The Standard

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