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Muungu Africa’s Lazaro remixed to appeal to SA market



Fast-rising Muungu Africa, a South Africa-based musical outfit comprising Zimbabwean Lynol Siwela and South Africans Sindiswa Shobede and Bongo Beats have had to remix the Lazaro track in order to try and make it appealing in South Africa.

The original version sung in Shona by the three members was released as part of their second album Show Love last year in December. Though it was received well in Zimbabwe, it failed to captivate the SA music lovers.

Confident that the track had the potential to take them places, the group decided to give it another try by remixing it and adding the voices of Niola and Busiswa.

Upon completion, the afro/house music group, launched the remix in Johannesburg last month and have since embarked on a tour to promote that track.

The launch which was a success saw SA artistes Master KG and Zanda Zakuza of the hit Skeleton Move performing.

Siwela, who is the group’s spokesperson said: “Lazaro did well in countries like Zimbabwe but didn’t do fairly well in South Africa.
This is why we’re now promoting its remix to try and popularise the track here,” Siwela said.

He said he was hopeful that Lazaro would be a hit in South Africa as it is proving to be a favourite of many where they are performing. Its music video that was released last month has so far garnered over 100 000 views on YouTube.

“The song is highly requested and has gained 132 800 views on YouTube. As a result, we’ve made a consideration to promote it across South Africa and we’ll also be bringing it to Zimbabwe where we’ll conduct promotional tours,” he said.


The song mirrors difficulties that some people face in life before they make it. On the track, Siwela and Shobede portray themselves as a couple leading a difficult life.

Reflecting on the SA music industry, Siwela said competition there was stiff.

“We’re glad as we’ve managed to penetrate the South African music industry. Two of our songs, Dali Wami and the remix of Lazaro are promising to become hits here,” Siwela said.

Muungu Africa was formed in 2012 and has two albums.

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Stunner’s house under fire?



Desmond Chideme

Desmond “Stunner” Chideme who caused a scene at his birthday celebrations insists he was not seeking cheap publicity.

Stunner, who is not new to ladies’ drama, has deleted his post on Instagram in which he was apologising for pushing his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika whilst he was drunk.

In an interview with H-Metro, Stunner said he really meant it when he apologised on social media.

“I was just trying to apologise to my wife for messing up.

“I am not seeking attention on social media, my intention was to show how much I love her in front of the whole world and how sorry I was.

“Right now I am a busy taking good care of my family and you are actually disturbing me,” said Stunner.

Dyonne was, however, not reachable but she blue ticked on WhatsApp and switched off her phone.

Prior to his interview with H-Metro, Stunner had posted on Instagram admitting he was under the influence of alcohol when he pushed his wife at the birthday celebrations held over the weekend at Motor Action.

“Thank you all for coming out it was such a vibe, I was a bit of a problem. I’m sorry babe #Marambadoro #imsorry,” posted Stunner on his deleted post.

In ire, Stunner’s wife Dyonne went on to comment saying the apology was fake.

“Fu** you and your fake apology. Clout chaser! Alcohol chii chii are you always drunk? Don’t start with me mf,” commented the wife.

The screenshot of Stunner and Dyonne’s birthday drama has been trending on social media.

Despite all the backlash the couple got, Stunner insists he meant it when he apologised.

Stunner believes he used the right platform to show his remorse since the drama attracted the attention of merry-makers comprising of the capital’s well-to-do.H-Metro

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Zodwa Wabantu proposes to Ntobeko Linda



Zodwa Wabantu Ntobeko Linda

Zodwa Wabantu has over the years proven that she is a nonconformist of note, and on Sunday Mzansi’s fave went “down on bended knees” to propose to her 24-year old lover, Ntobeko Linda. And he said “yes”.

Taking to her official Instagram account the local dancer and socialite shared the special moment with a powerful caption that highlights the plight that most successful women face when their partners aren’t doing well financially.

“We as Women we give our Men Money to Marry us. Hard working Women hide that they Marry themselves by giving their Boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola. Some Women get Desperate to have that Ring on their Fingers.

She continued: But I don’t mind showing reality cause everything that has to do with Zodwa Wabantu is real. Mine is Real, I will Marry him”.

If you think that was dramatic enough then clearly you don’t know Zodwa because the dancer also revealed the prices of the rings.

She pulled receipts, showcasing that the “custom made princess style 9ct rose gold morganite and diamond” ring cost R47,826,09, while the one she bought for her bae only costs R5,217,39.

Zodwa has previously confirmed that she’s been dating Ntobeko for four years and now it seems the couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level.IOL

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Nox Guni speaks on porn video



Nox Enoch Guni

Nox Enoch Guni says the recent leak of a video of him masturbating is an attempt to destroy his marriage by a former flirt mate from the past who is now using his past shenanigans from previous years.

Nox Guni recently got engaged with his UK based girlfriend, Tadzo when he toured the Queendom for a number of shows.

Despite the leak of the dirty video, Nox claims his marriage is still intact despite efforts by one Bridget Mabrijo Sibanda Shumbakadzi who tried to extort money from him not to leak the video.

“That video is from way back before I even got married to my girlfriend and it is the work of this girl called Bridget.

“I met her on Facebook and we were never in a relationship.

“She actually wanted money from me so that she wouldn’t leak the video but I couldn’t agree to her demands.

“My lawyers are on the issue and as of me and wife we are in good books,” he said.

He said that the video was captured whilst he was intoxicated and flirting with Bridget.

“Ndakanga ndakatorohwa nema drinks and I was just flirting with this Bridget girl on a video call showing her my manhood,” he added.H-Metro

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