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‘Resurrected’ Elliot’s death: The facts. Devastated grandmother gropes for closure



Thabiso Proud Mlanje

While he got the world in hysteria and shock for the past weeks for being resurrected and dying again, all that Thabiso Proud Mlanje who is popularly known as “Elliot” or Brighton Moyo has left are deep wounds among his family back in Zimbabwe that they do not know when and how they will be healed.

Thabiso Proud Mlanje who was 28 years old at the time of his death shocked his family because soon after they buried him at his late father’s homestead in Dandanda Village in Lupane under Chief Mabhikwa they were summoned by the police who revealed to them that he was wanted for fraud in connection with his “resurrection” back in South Africa.

“We didn’t know that he had died and resurrected. Trouble started after the funeral because the police arraigned us and told us that he had been wanted for fraud,” said Thabiso’s father-in-law, Bernard Mayendayenda Sibanda.

A grief-stricken Bernard said his son-in-law had caused him so much trouble.

“I am still in great distress because of what my son-in-law did. I have had to deal with the police concerning his whole resurrection scheme and now since he is dead I have to answer questions I don’t know. It causes me pain because I didn’t know anything about what happened in South Africa. This man has put me and my family in so much trouble”.

Thabiso’s grandmother Emily Moyo said it hurt her to see her grandson arriving home in a coffin after spending seven years without communicating with her.

“I raised my grandson single-handedly because both his parents died in Harare when he was young. I only managed to send him to Gegeme Primary School but he could not go further with his studies because of financial constraints. That is how he decided to go to South Africa to make a living. Now what pains me is that it’s been seven years since he went to South Africa and he had never set foot home or contacted me in those seven years. I only got to see him as a corpse. We buried him right next to his grandfather because when he was sick he kept telling his in-laws that he wants to lie next to his grandfather.

“At the time of his death he was constantly vomiting blood, it was such a painful death. I wish someone could properly explain to me what was happening in South Africa because I hear he was once dead for three days and was resurrected by a pastor,” said Moyo.

It is reported that all this drama is believed to have started sometime in February when Thabiso Mlanje fell ill. Even after he was resurrected he did not properly recover. To make things worse soon after the resurrection miracle Thabiso and Pastor Alph Lukau had a fraud case CR 506/ 02 /19 opened at Jeppes police station in South Africa. The two were jointly accused of performing a fake miracle.

Thabiso Proud Mlanje was scared of the police case so whenever his wife Simelweyinkosi Sibanda took him to the hospital he would sneak out.

But his health kept on deteriorating so Simelweyinkosi then decided to bring him back home in Zimbabwe on 8 March.

The couple stayed at Bernard’s homestead in Village 2 Insuza under Chief Mtshane.

As each day passed Thabiso’s health kept on worsening so the family took him to the Mbembesi Clinic in Insuza on 23 March.

The late Thabiso Proud Mlanje, aka Elliot Moyo’ s grandmother Emily Moyo, says she is devastated by the death of her grandson whom she saw arriving home in a coffin after seven years without a word from him.

“I raised my grandson single-handedly after his parents both died in Harare when he was still young. I only managed to send him to school up to Grade Seven at Gegeme Primary School. He couldn’t go further with his studies because of financial constraints. That is when he decided to go to South Africa to make a living,” said Moyo.

She said what pained her most was that for the past seven years, Thabiso has been in South Africa he never communicated with her.

“What greatly pains me is that it’s been seven years since he went to South Africa and he never returned home or contacted me in those seven years.

“I only got to see him as a corpse. We buried him right next to his grandfather because when he was sick he kept telling his in-laws that he wants to lie next to his grandfather,” she said with tears down her cheeks.

She added: “At the time of his death I was told he was constantly vomiting blood; it was such a painful death. I wish someone could properly explain to me what was happening in South Africa because I heard he was once died and was resurrected by a pastor.”

Villagers in Dandanda also expressed shock on how Thabiso’s dead body arrived in the village.

“We were so shocked to see a speeding car with a coffin in broad daylight when the sun was so hot. In our village, it’s not allowed to transport a dead body in the afternoon.

“So we were just perplexed and wondered what could these people be hiding,” said a granny who identified herself as MaNdlovu.

A number of villagers said they were also unaware that Thabiso became an overnight “celebrity” after the “resurrection” stunt.

“It was shocking when we heard during his funeral wake that Thabiso Proud Mlanje once died and resurrected in South Africa and that the world knew about it except for us. I guess we never heard of the resurrection due to the fact that network is poor this side so we rarely communicate.

“The other thing that also shocked us that the car carrying the coffin had only three people inside and it was speeding as if they didn’t want fellow villagers to find out more about the dead person,” said one villager who spoke on condition of anonymity.B-Metro

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Elikem Dumps Edith Chibhamu?



Edith Chibhamu Elikem Kumordzie

Elikem Kumordzie, who had found love in Zimbabwe again after breaking up with Pokello Nare some two years ago, has been ditched again.

This comes after his latest breakup with Edith Chibhamu, a monied divorcee who he had been dating for under a year.

While the reason for their break up is unclear, on top of the list is Elikem’s alleged infidelity.

According to Ghanaian media, the celebrity tailor is allegedly dating former Member of Parliament for Gomoa Central Constituency, Rachel Appoh.

This was revealed by Afia Schwarzenegger, a controversial Ghanaian media personality who also accused Elikem of being a greedy gold digger who scams women.

She also accused Rachel of taking care of Elikem’s mother financially and visiting juju men to ward off women who are interested in him.

If true, it is clear Rachel’s juju is working as Elikem Kumordzie is no longer with Edith Chibhamu. Add onto that, Edith is now mysteriously wheelchair bound.

“Story of my life, one minute I was walking on my two feet with no headaches or anything. The next minute, I’m sitting in a wheelchair, crippled and praying for a miracle,” posted Edith three days ago.

As if that is not enough, Rachel apparently threatened Edith with death.

“You said you were more powerful and you would deal with me. You told me that if I ever come to Ghana, I will die as you are Ghanaian and will use all your Ghana power to ruin me.

“You are a disgraced fired former MP. I don’t go to witchdoctors to kill other women and your witchdoctor has also discovered you are wicked. Now your Ghana power has turned against you and the whole world will hear about you Rachel Appoh,” wrote Edith on her Instagram page.

However, it is clear that both Elikem Kumordzie and Edith are hurting, judging by their constant posts on social media with Edith Chibhamu even threatening to commit suicide.

Reacting to Elikem’s failed public relationships, some fans suggested that Elikem is a gold digger who is only after women’s money.

“I beg, this Elikem uses women from Zimbabwe and Ghana back and forth, it’s sad,” commented one Naash on Instagram.

Another, Kayanga Nadia asked Elikem: “Is it true that you dumped Edith Chibhamu after using her to further your career?”

Elikem Kumordzie, while confirming that he had indeed separated with Edith, responded: “No doubt that Edith Chibhamu came into my life and help came from her. She paid part of the rent for my East Legon flagship store, not to further my career though. Like every business, everyone needs a push and she offered to help. Was I stupid to accept?

“What I’ve built in the last six years is worth much more than whatever amount you can think of. We’re not together anymore, but my work continues because of my hard work, diligence and passion.”

Contrary to the belief that Elikem uses women to finance his tailor’s business, he said: “. don’t reject help, it may be from God through that human.”The Chronicle

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Queen Elizabeth II hosts Zim born Janine Potts at Royal Garden Party



Janine Potts

Chief Petty Officer Janine Potts and her mum Florence enjoyed a day to remember as guests of Her Majesty The Queen at the second of three garden parties held during May in the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Janine, who joined the Royal Navy from Zimbabwe in July 2001, was one of over 110 guests from across the Naval Service who attend a Royal Garden Party this year, all specially selected in reward and recognition of their hard work and dedication.

Nominated by their managers, from across all ranks and rates, the invitations are awarded a plus one, recognising that it’s families too that go the extra mile in support of loved ones.

Janine’s recommendation singles her out as “an exemplary senior rate” and recognises her dedication to the Royal Navy and support to others.

Passionate about breaking barriers and helping others, Janine has served at sea in numerous assignments and on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bahrain.

She is Chair of the Naval Service Commonwealth Network and as her citation states “has been instrumental in championing the particular issues that personnel from Commonwealth and Non-British nationalities face when seeking careers in the Naval Service.”

It recognises that she has devoted much of her spare time and applied her wealth of service knowledge and lived experience to helping with individual cases and supporting those coming to the UK to serve.

She has also been directly responsible for many positive solutions that have helped keep our valued people retained in service.

Janine thoroughly enjoyed her day and said: “What an honour it was to spend the afternoon at Buckingham Palace, I made my mum and family so proud.

“It doesn’t matter about your rank or rate, hard work and determination can get an organisation to change for the better.

“We all have the power to make a difference – it could be you! I hope my view of life will inspire others.”

Proud mum Florence Burl said: ‘It was amazing! Being so close to the Queen – wow! The Duchess of Cambridge actually said hello to me.

“You can’t buy this opportunity or explain the feeling I had being there when I go back to work – will they believe me?”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined The Queen to host approx. 8,000 guests, including nominees from across the Naval Service, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Royal Navy and Royal Marines Widows Association.Royal Navy

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Frank Buyanga Lamborghini Avedantor S owner



Frank Buyanga

Frank Buyanga has emerged as the owner of the Lamborghini Avedantor S worth about R7.48m that landed in Harare a fortnight ago.

Last week H-Metro reported on the vehicle, whose owner was a mystery then that had been spotted in and around Harare’s northern suburbs including a popular shopping centre.

However, Frank Buyanga turned out to be the owner on Saturday afternoon as he returned from his South Africa base.

Frank Buyanga was spotted with the car at the arrivals section at the Robert Mugabe International Airport and moments later he walked into the Lamborghini Avedantor S and drove off.

Lamborghini Aventador S contains all the usual stuff about new four-wheel steering systems, a 130 per cent improvement of front axle downforce and a whole new control unit to marshall inputs from all the active systems, but none of it, no matter how high-tech, overshadows the drama.

This is how the Aventador S shapes up. It still uses the same central carbon tub with aluminium sub-frames fore and aft. It drives all four wheels through a central Haldex clutch.

The engine is the same 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12, but the valve timing and variable intakes have been altered, yielding another 40bhp (and exactly 1lb ft more torque). The power gain is also aided by a raised rev limiter (from 8,350rpm to 8,500rpm).

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