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Working with MisRed was a marvel: JP



Jah Prayzah’s Kune Rima music video has gone viral and has more than 200 000 views trended this week alone. MisRed took up the task of being Jah Prayzah’s love interest.

Behind the scenes were people like Vusa Blaqs who directed and edited the music video, Thembani Mubochwa who did the wardrobe and styled the whole vintage feel with Tsungi Makwanya on makeup.

Thembani has been working with Jah Prayzah for the past three years, styling most of his red carpet and stage outfits.

The music video reminded Jah Prayzah fans of his 2013 Mwanasikana music video that also had a vintage look.

Jah Prayzah said: “Kune Rima video was produced to recreate what happened in the 1960s. We looked at pictures from that time and we came up with this theme.

“I can’t really say that I thought about it (concept) for a long time. It just came as an idea that ‘won’t it be interesting for us to come up with such a theme’.”

He said although the music video has some resemblance with Mwanasikana, this one has an uptown feel to it.

“Mwanasikana was set at a growth point in Zimbabwe. Although the dressing looks similar, with Kune Rima, we wanted to give it an uptown setting. I wanted the music video to resonate with my style with better camera work and production than Mwanasikana,” said Jah Prayzah.

During the run-up to the music video’s release, there were pictures that “leaked” of him and MisRed in a love clutch.

This did not go down well with the social media brigade who quickly made known their displeasure, speculating that the two were involved in an illicit affair. Some aired their concern for Jah Prayzah’s wife, but the musician said he was unperturbed by that entire melee.

“I was calm and relaxed. I knew that the allegations about the pictures weren’t true. It was just work. I even told my wife that there were pictures that would be “leaked”. She was ready and people actually sent her the pictures,” said Jah Prayzah.

He said working with MisRed was a marvel as she was comfortable with her role and knew what she was doing. Thembani, Jah Prayzah said was also a joy to work with.

On his part, stylist and designer Thembani said Jah Prayzah is a man who knew what he wanted in terms of style for the Kune Rima video, making his job easy.

“Working with Jah Prayzah is the easiest thing one can do. He knows what type of style he wants and with this music video, it wasn’t different. I was in charge of everything on set in terms of tailoring but he came up with the idea of what he wanted and I tailored his outfits,” said Thembani.

“We designed everything from scratch for both Jah Prayzah and MisRed’s outfits. We used local materials and the outfits were from my collection.”

The music video’s visuals were beautiful and drew a lot of attention and that can only be the works of a talented director and producer in the form of Vusa Blaqs. Vusa Blaqs, refusing to reveal the budget for the music video, said he was surprised by MisRed’s awareness and execution of her role in front of the camera.

“MisRed surprised me. She did a very great job in front of the camera. Every scene with her was done in one take. She followed my instructions to the letter and added some of her own ideas during the music video shoot,” said Blaqs.

He said what also helped was the onscreen chemistry between MisRed and Jah Prayzah, something he worked on way before the shoot.

“I had asked both of them to spend time together and be in each other’s space. And they did that; MisRed would come to the studios and spend time with Jah.

They got used to each other’s company and it became easy for them to bring out that chemistry on camera come the day of the shoot,” said Blaqs.

He said the music video took eight hours to shoot and he had to ask DJ Tamuka to extend the song so that it could fit the many different scenes.

For her role, MisRed told our sister publication H-Metro that Blaqs who directed the video was a genius.
To get MisRed on a music video, she said she has to be in sync with your vision as an artist before anything else.

“I’m not really a music video type of girl; I’m interested in creating brilliant content with people who get my craziness. Don’t think I’ll really do another music video after this, but I have got a standard rider, I work with a specific glam team, so if that’s not there it may not happen,” she said.

MisRed was labeled a home-wrecker after a picture of her cuddling with Jah Prayzah (from the video shoot) was leaked to the public. Asked whether the leaked pictures and music video had caused a rift between her and Rufaro — Jah Prayzah’s wife, MisRed said: “Mai Mukombe is a star player, she was part of the process and again, Jah Prayzah is extremely professional.

“People will always have opinions but at the end of the day, we wanted to create great content for the fans who truly appreciate Jah Prayzah’s music and love MisRed the personality.”

She said this incident was helpful as she discovered that some people she deemed friends were actually the ones who were at the forefront deriding her.

“I saw people’s true characters as I had ‘friends’ say the nastiest things about me in groups. I had to keep a straight face as there were women who were ready to judge me just to be at the top of the story, but I’m grateful for that.

“I’m an extremely vocal person online and I don’t shy away from responding to negativity because I’m also human, but on this one, I had to take a back seat. It was hard, my management actually wanted to change my social media passwords because they know me well but I think I was calm enough.”

MisRed said although the experience was emotionally draining, it was worth it in the end.
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Stunner’s house under fire?



Desmond Chideme

Desmond “Stunner” Chideme who caused a scene at his birthday celebrations insists he was not seeking cheap publicity.

Stunner, who is not new to ladies’ drama, has deleted his post on Instagram in which he was apologising for pushing his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika whilst he was drunk.

In an interview with H-Metro, Stunner said he really meant it when he apologised on social media.

“I was just trying to apologise to my wife for messing up.

“I am not seeking attention on social media, my intention was to show how much I love her in front of the whole world and how sorry I was.

“Right now I am a busy taking good care of my family and you are actually disturbing me,” said Stunner.

Dyonne was, however, not reachable but she blue ticked on WhatsApp and switched off her phone.

Prior to his interview with H-Metro, Stunner had posted on Instagram admitting he was under the influence of alcohol when he pushed his wife at the birthday celebrations held over the weekend at Motor Action.

“Thank you all for coming out it was such a vibe, I was a bit of a problem. I’m sorry babe #Marambadoro #imsorry,” posted Stunner on his deleted post.

In ire, Stunner’s wife Dyonne went on to comment saying the apology was fake.

“Fu** you and your fake apology. Clout chaser! Alcohol chii chii are you always drunk? Don’t start with me mf,” commented the wife.

The screenshot of Stunner and Dyonne’s birthday drama has been trending on social media.

Despite all the backlash the couple got, Stunner insists he meant it when he apologised.

Stunner believes he used the right platform to show his remorse since the drama attracted the attention of merry-makers comprising of the capital’s well-to-do.H-Metro

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Zodwa Wabantu proposes to Ntobeko Linda



Zodwa Wabantu Ntobeko Linda

Zodwa Wabantu has over the years proven that she is a nonconformist of note, and on Sunday Mzansi’s fave went “down on bended knees” to propose to her 24-year old lover, Ntobeko Linda. And he said “yes”.

Taking to her official Instagram account the local dancer and socialite shared the special moment with a powerful caption that highlights the plight that most successful women face when their partners aren’t doing well financially.

“We as Women we give our Men Money to Marry us. Hard working Women hide that they Marry themselves by giving their Boyfriends money to go to their families to pay Lobola. Some Women get Desperate to have that Ring on their Fingers.

She continued: But I don’t mind showing reality cause everything that has to do with Zodwa Wabantu is real. Mine is Real, I will Marry him”.

If you think that was dramatic enough then clearly you don’t know Zodwa because the dancer also revealed the prices of the rings.

She pulled receipts, showcasing that the “custom made princess style 9ct rose gold morganite and diamond” ring cost R47,826,09, while the one she bought for her bae only costs R5,217,39.

Zodwa has previously confirmed that she’s been dating Ntobeko for four years and now it seems the couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level.IOL

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Nox Guni speaks on porn video



Nox Enoch Guni

Nox Enoch Guni says the recent leak of a video of him masturbating is an attempt to destroy his marriage by a former flirt mate from the past who is now using his past shenanigans from previous years.

Nox Guni recently got engaged with his UK based girlfriend, Tadzo when he toured the Queendom for a number of shows.

Despite the leak of the dirty video, Nox claims his marriage is still intact despite efforts by one Bridget Mabrijo Sibanda Shumbakadzi who tried to extort money from him not to leak the video.

“That video is from way back before I even got married to my girlfriend and it is the work of this girl called Bridget.

“I met her on Facebook and we were never in a relationship.

“She actually wanted money from me so that she wouldn’t leak the video but I couldn’t agree to her demands.

“My lawyers are on the issue and as of me and wife we are in good books,” he said.

He said that the video was captured whilst he was intoxicated and flirting with Bridget.

“Ndakanga ndakatorohwa nema drinks and I was just flirting with this Bridget girl on a video call showing her my manhood,” he added.H-Metro

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