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Zim driver battles for life after fresh SA xenophobic attacks



South Africa Xenophobia 2019

Tineyi Takawira a Zimbabwean truck driver is battling for life at a hospital in Durban, KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa after he was caught up in suspected fresh xenophobic attacks in the neighbouring country.

More than 100 foreigners, among them Zimbabweans, were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge at Sydenham Police Station.

Zimbabwe’s Consul General to South Africa, Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro yesterday confirmed that the truck driver, Mr Tineyi Takawira, was admitted to King Edward Hospital after he was stabbed during an attack.

“I can confirm that Tineyi Takawira, a Zimbabwean truck driver is admitted to King Edward Hospital in Durban after he was attacked by protesters in Durban’s Springfield Park informal settlement. The protesters barricaded roads and intercepted truck drivers demanding to see their identity documents and those found to be foreigners were attacked,” he said.

Mr Mukonoweshuro said a Zimbabwean woman married to a Malawian truck driver was among the people who fled to the police station after she was attacked and badly injured.

He said they were yet to ascertain the exact number of Zimbabweans who were attacked and were working with police and relevant authorities in the neighbouring country.

“We believe that there could be a substantial number of our people who were injured during the attacks but we are yet to ascertain the figures. Police have assured us that the situation has calmed down but we will continue to monitor the situation,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

The first wave of violence broke out in the Kenville area, north of Durban on Sunday at about 11 PM when mobs of protesters burst into the homes of foreigners grabbing property that included beds, TV sets, pots and baskets before targeting foreign-operated shops.

The protesters, numbering about 100, blocked Sea Cow Lake and Inanda roads using rubble from burnt tyres.

The attacks left three people dead and they are all South Africans.

Two of the victims were shot by a foreign tuckshop owner who opened fire on the mob that was looting his shop.

The attacks on foreigners flared up in Durban between Sunday night and early Tuesday, forcing over 100 foreigners to flee their homes and seek refuge at a police station.

KwaZulu Natal provincial police spokesperson Colonel Thulani Zwane yesterday confirmed that more foreign nationals sought shelter at Sydenham Police Station on Tuesday night.

“About 70 foreign nationals went to Sydenham Police Station for help on Tuesday night but no serious injuries were reported,” he said.

According to South African media reports, unemployed informal settlement residents are angry because foreign nationals are employed by local companies.

The Durban attacks come barely three days after the South African government launched a national action plan to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and ethnic intolerance.

The attacks targeted at foreign shop owners began on Sunday night at Kenville residential area in northern Durban.

Residents woke up to screams and chants as a mob of people walked through the area overturning refuse bins, cutting down tree branches, burning tyres, looting shops and stoning cars and homes.

Two suspects aged 22 and 28 years have been arrested for public violence and have since appeared at the Durban magistrates’ court

A video is also circulating on social media showing foreigners being attacked and one man is heard speaking in Zulu, saying foreigners are working and the locals are not working.

On Monday, South Africa launched a national action plan to combat racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and ethnic intolerance.

It was launched by the Justice and Constitutional Development Deputy Minister John Jeffery at the St George Hotel in Irene and the event was attended by civil society organisations and government officials among others.

The document was approved by Cabinet last month and will be revised every five years.

The latest attacks evoked ugly memories of the deadly xenophobic attacks of 2015 which displaced thousands of Zimbabweans and other African immigrants living in South Africa following alleged inflammatory remarks by Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini, who had called for the expulsion of foreigners. The Chronicle


Zimbabwean Drivers in the UK: Converting Your License? The Ministry of Transport Addresses Your Questions



Zimbabwean Drivers Licence to UK Licence

Recently, the Zimbabwe Ministry of Transport addressed the rising concerns about converting Zimbabwean driver’s licenses to British driver’s licenses. They shared an official statement on social media that provided answers to several crucial questions raised by Zimbabwean drivers.

Recognition of Zimbabwean Driver’s License by the British Government

One of the key questions addressed in the statement is whether the British Government still recognises the Zimbabwean driver’s license. The response was affirmative, confirming that Zimbabwean licenses are still recognised.

However, there have been unconfirmed reports of some Zimbabweans using counterfeit metal driver’s licenses in the UK. The drivers reportedly end up being involved or causing road traffic accidents

This has prompted the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK to require Certificates of Competency. These certificates are now part of the conversion process

Certificate of Competency Requirements

A question commonly asked by individuals who have lost their Certificate of Competency, which is now required for conversion, was also addressed.

The Ministry explained that the current system does not provide for duplicate Certificates of Competency due to their limited validity of 30 days.

The Ministry is actively engaging with the DVLA to reconsider this requirement.

Class Conversion and Downgrading

The statement addressed concerns from individuals who have class 2 driver’s licenses but wish to convert to classes 4 and 5, as opposed to being limited to class 2. The DVLA’s hesitation stems from doubts about the skills of many class 2 drivers who may not have undergone essential tests. To address this, the Ministry is facilitating testing for class four licenses, ensuring that drivers are competent for their desired class.

The Ministry has emphasised the importance of avoiding the use of fake Certificates of Competency. It strongly warns against presenting counterfeit certificates to the DVLA or any licensing authority as this may result in the revocation of valid driver’s licenses. The Ministry further urges applicants to follow the correct procedures for license conversion and avoid any illicit means.

Contacting CVR for License Verification

Concerns about the DVLA’s ability to contact the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) for license verification were also addressed. The Ministry assured the public that CVR maintains regular communication with DVLA.

To assist with license verification, citizens were provided with contact information for CVR via email addresses:,, and

Additionally, individuals were encouraged to seek assistance from their respective embassies if needed.

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Nox Guni Reportedly Arrested in Ireland on Suspicion of Fraud



Nox Guni Arrested
Source:Nox Guni Music

Zimbabwean urban grooves singer Enock Guni, popularly known as Nox, found himself behind bars over the weekend following his arrest on allegations of credit card fraud by Dublin police in Ireland. As a result, his highly-anticipated performance at the Button Factory on Friday had to be cancelled.

According to a report published by The Irish Sun, Nox had been staying at Dublin’s Hard Rock Hotel in Temple Bar. When settling his bill of €787 (US$861), which included room service charges, it was discovered that he had made the payment using an American woman’s credit card number, leaving her shocked.

Consequently, instead of taking the stage for his performance, Nox was arrested for deception. He underwent questioning and was subsequently held in police custody until his appearance before Judge John Hughes at a weekend sitting of Dublin District Court.

During the proceedings, Nox compensated the hotel for their financial loss, and he additionally made a charitable contribution of €100. Judge Hughes, taking into account the potential impact on Nox’s career and ability to tour, opted not to convict the singer. In return, Nox agreed to visit St Andrews youth club in Pearse Street to educate and inspire the children there with his music, as stated by The Irish Sun.

Following his release on bail, Nox’s case has been adjourned until September, awaiting further legal proceedings. The Irish Sun report also highlights that Nox pleaded guilty to the charge of obtaining services by deception at the hotel, using another individual’s Mastercard number.

In defence of his client, Nox’s lawyer, Alexander Rafter, explained that the singer had not personally made the hotel booking, emphasising that an unnamed promoter had handled the arrangements on his behalf.

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Olinda Chapel Ends Relationship with Husband Tytan But Surprises Everyone with Cryptic Change of Heart



Olinda Chapel Tytan

Olinda Chapel, a renowned UK-based socialite and businesswoman, took to Facebook to publicly announce the end of her marriage to musician Tytan Nkomo on Sunday. However, she later appeared to send mixed signals with a cryptic update.

In her Facebook post, Olinda Chapel expressed the heaviness and brokenness of her heart as she shared the news of her decision to walk away from her marriage. She acknowledged the depth of her love and forgiveness, even for actions considered unforgivable. While she refrained from divulging specific details that led to her choice, Olinda emphasised the difficulty of her decision, stating that it involved parting ways with both her husband and her best friend.

Olinda Chapel then touched upon the importance of fighting for a marriage, rather than fighting against the person you desire to remain married to, especially when you are the one at fault. However, she concluded her post by expressing her inability to continue in the marriage, leaving many questions unanswered.

Hours later, Olinda Chapel seemingly made a U-turn by posting a cryptic message: “Izvozvo zvivaroyi zvangazvafara 😂😂😂. Zivai zvekuturika ma curtain, kwete marriage dzevanhu. With Love Mrs Nkomo.” (Translation: “Those are just stories, and they can be entertaining 😂😂😂. Know the real truth, not rumours about people’s marriages. With Love, Mrs Nkomo.”)

Prior to this post, she had also written, “If you are dating my husband, please keep him.”

The conflicting messages sparked a variety of reactions among Zimbabweans. Some accused Olinda Chapel of seeking attention, while others speculated that her relationship with Tytan was going through turbulent times. The situation left many individuals puzzled and curious about the true nature of their marital struggles.

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