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Elikem mystery bae finally unmasked



Edith Chibhamu Elikem Kumordzie

Ghanaian Elikem Kumordzie, yesterday finally unveiled his mysterious partner through a picture he posted on Instagram.

The post by Elikem was likely a reaction to shade that was being thrown at his new full-figured lover – South Africa-based Zimbabwean Edith Chibhamu by controversial transgender, Tatelicious Karigambe.

Moments before Elikem unveiled his bae, Tatelicious – who made headlines locally after splashing over US$80 000 to transform herself into a woman, had posted images of the lovers all cosy.

She dissed Elikem saying Pokello had upgraded with her new partner while he had downgraded.

As Tatelicious’ followers were still commenting on the pictures, she started insulting Chibhamu accusing her of being a human trafficker and a regular visitor to traditional healers.

She went on to claim that Chibhamu, a friend of Olinda’s, was married to one Gift Tsamba and posted a picture of her with him.

All this mud-slinging by Tatelicious was apparently because she had discovered that Chibhamu, a businesswoman whose interests are in infrastructural and property development as well as mining and agriculture who had promised to sponsor her “meet the people tour” in South Africa next year, was taking her for a ride.

“Edith Chibhamu, wakandikwidza ndege yemashanga (you gave me false hope) lying to me that you’ll support my album launch financially and sponsor my South African tour.

Your personal assistant Theresa had to call me to inform me that you were actually doing nothing for my tour,” ranted Tatelicious on her Facebook fan page.

“I always had my doubts, but the truth came out.”

Tatelicious further claimed: “Edith Chibhamu wanted me to start Human Trafficking with her Arabic partners in Dubai but I developed cold feet.

Maybe that’s why she boycotted sponsoring my SA tour.”

Elikem, who had been teasing fans with posts of his new lover, is currently in Dubai on business with his partner.

Tatelicious also posted an image of Chibhamu with SA-based local musician Nox and claimed that the two had a short fling.

She claimed Nox’s small manhood caused Chibhamu to leave him prematurely.

All these claims by Tatelicious’ received mixed feelings from followers. Most suggested that she solves her differences with Chibhamu in private.

However, Tatelicious’ Facebook following continues to grow because of her late night live videos and posts where she gossips about several Zimbabwean socialites and celebrities.

Those who have fallen victim include comedians Mai Titi and Madam Boss, Pokello Nare, model Jacqueline Ngarande, Jah Prayzah, ZiFM personality MisRed and Nash Paints boss – Tinashe Mutarisi among many others.

After the controversial Internet sensation let the cat out of the bag yesterday, Elikem posted an image of him and Chibhamu on his Instagram wall. On his caption, he said he had gotten to a stage where one’s appearance did not matter.

“Good people can really have a great impact on your life. Give me a deep conversation or a passionate debate over brainless beauty any day. Someone who makes me reconsider my long-held beliefs and challenges my mind.

“Being a Sapiosexual brought me here. You get to a stage where looks, size and age don’t matter anymore. You’d rather have God, peace and love.”

Responding to Elikem’s post, most of his fans said his happiness is what is important and wished him well with his new lover.

Those on Tatelicious’ platform were, however, mocking him saying he had downgraded from Pokello.

“Pokello is finer though, but what matters is your happiness. All the best and God bless your relationship,” commented one Chinenyenwigwe.

Also in reaction to Tatelicious’ claims was Tsamba who admitted that he was Chibhamu’s husband, but said the two had since gone their separate ways.

“Edith Chibhamu was my wife, yes. We aren’t together anymore and she’s free to do what she wants.

“All I know is she’s a wonderful woman with a pure heart of gold”.

Tsamba said it was a pity that people were out to tarnish his ex’s image.

“It’s only God who can punish people seeking to destroy her for selfish reasons. She’s the mother of my children and I’ll forever cherish her.

Anyone who wins her heart will be a lucky man as she’s a wonderful, God-fearing woman,” he said.

The Chronicle

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Van Choga and Seh Calaz part ways



Van Choga

Zimdancehall chanter Van Choga and Seh Calaz have parted ways. Van Choga confirmed the developments but could not say much on the issue.
“It’s still sketchy but I can confirm I am no longer part of Yalanation. “I can refer you to my management because for now, I can’t say anything.“If there is something new you will be the first person to know,” he said.

Calaz’s publicist King George Damson said there is no bad blood between the two entertainers.
“As far as I know, there is no bad blood between these two chanters.

“As Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios, we want to issue a public statement regarding Van Choga to the effect that Van Choga will no longer be working with Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios.

“Van Choga has advised us that he now wants to pursue another direction with different people.
“We hold no reservations with his personal choice and thus accordingly we release him,” he said.

“As Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios, we are proud of the part we played since we started working with Van Choga around June 2019 to date.
“We have given our all in terms of support for his career to progress.”

King George also said Calaz’s goal is to give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent.
“Seh Calaz will continue to give young people an opportunity to showcase their talent.
“He will continue to do so and any young person willing to work with our stable is welcome,” he said.

In another interview, Van Choga’s handler Tai “International” Mazanhi said there was an altercation but they are working on it.
“There was just a minor in-house miscommunication issue which is being rectified if there is anything we will advise you in due course,” he said.
Calaz also said he has no problem with the talented chanter.

“Inini I took him in as my younger brother ndaishanda naye on a personal level not as Yalanation but as Seh Calaz and I thank God nekutisanganisa he is a talented and hard-working young man.

“Akasimudzirawo zita re Yalanation we thank him for the time yataiva tese and I wish him the best in his career, Bholato Bholato,” said Calaz. H-Metro

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Mafikizolo show to go ahead




Organisers of Mafikizolo’s “Back in Town Concert” slated for Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Friday have revealed that they will channel part of the show proceeds towards victims of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

They said the show will go on as scheduled despite a social media outcry, calling for a boycott of the event over ongoing xenophobic attacks.

Mafikizolo is expected in the country on Friday morning.

The outcry emanated from the fact that the South African pair will be coming to perform at a time their compatriots are reportedly attacking Zimbabweans across the Limpopo.

Show promoter Blessing Jeke said: “We are going ahead with the show.

“Mafikizolo condemns violence, and they are going to openly do so in a social media video,” he said.

“They will also record a song against xenophobia along with other local musicians, who are part of the show because music is universal. Through i)t, we can reach out to those perpetrators and show them that love conquers all.

“About 10 per cent of our earnings will be donated to the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa to help those affected by xenophobic attacks.”
Music and Arts Promoters Association chairperson Josh Hozheri urged people not to retaliate.

“Firstly, we condemn the violence which is happening in South Africa against our fellow citizens and other Africans.

“Let us use this event to send the message across the continent that as much as we are pained by what is going on, we can stand as a bigger people, leading by example, of what Africa and Ubuntu are all about,” he said.

“We have our own performing artistes regularly visiting South Africa.

“Alick Macheso was recently in Midrand, and we have Selmor Mtukudzi and Andy Muridzo going there this month-end.

“If we retaliate it will not work to our advantage. All we can do is use this show to send a message of love, peace and harmony to our African brothers.”
Hozheri said if locals were to boycott the show, the nation loses. The Herald

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Prophet Passion Java Blasted



Prophet Passion Java

Prophet Passion Java has been blasted by fellow church leaders over his love for dancehall music as well as his lifestyle of showing off his possessions on social media platforms.

The controversial prophet recently signed dancehall artiste Enzo Ishall in his newly formed music label called Passion Java records where he is set to sign many other dancehall musicians.

Apart from his love for Zim Dancehall music, the youthful prophet has also been criticized for recently showing off on social media his new Lamborghini vehicle that he bought a week ago.

Bible scholar and president of impact Trust Elias Chakabatwa said Prophet Passion Java should repent from his ways.

“Jesus Christ is the model and epitome of Christian leadership, His exemplary behaviour when he was here on Earth should be a model for all time, serious Christian leaders.

“He was humble and not pompous. He did not boast about his material possessions neither did any of the Apostles of Jesus declare publicly that they had so many donkeys or cattle and so many acres of land which was then a measure of wealth in those days.

“People misquote the verse and misinterpret the scripture which says “do not judge…’ the Bible is a clear yardstick for discerning some so-called “prophets” who are nothing but novices seeking relevance and significance in the name of God!

“Jesus said in Mathew 7:16 you shall know them by their fruit, a quick exegesis of this clearly shows that one can tell whether someone is fake or real by their character and behaviour.

“Yes, you can’t then write someone off from salvation yet you can tell that what the person is doing is not in tandem with the Scriptures.

“There are many gospel artistes who are gifted and anointed seeking help to reach out to people with their music and they are struggling yet someone in the name of prophet goes all the way to sponsor a singer who is propagating profanity eg Magate song!

“Prophet Passion Java needs to recognize that the Kingdom of God operates on the principle of discipline and meekness without these you become statistics.

“He comes out in the media boasting about his cars and the amount of money he has may God help us all there is a challenge here.

“It seems there is an emptiness in his life crying for recognition, this is not good for Christian testimony.
“What is the difference between him and the people who do not believe in Christ who boasts about their mighty and wealth?

“Everything that Christians acquire according to the Bible God is the one who gives them the power to acquire them and these possessions are not to satisfy personal ego and bigotry but to advance the kingdom of God.

“Charisma without character is dangerous in the spiritual things, one can be charismatic and be at the forefront of a religious movement but lacking character.

“It will be a question of time before they are exposed, pride goes before a fall and God exalts the humble.

“Prophet Passion needs to understand that God gives all of us an opportunity to mend our ways but if we don’t we will come into direct confrontation with God in which the pride will be undone.

“He needs to seek God and ask for forgiveness concerning his actions which are not incongruent with  Christian ethos.

“He has been exposing himself and the cravings within him by going public and supporting things which are anti-gospel so to speak.

“He is also exhibiting high levels of arrogance and pride which is not a good thing for those who purport to be ambassadors of Christ.
“Gift can take you up but it is the character that will keep you on the cutting edge.

“May God help us all to realize that no one who ever boasted of their piety or who displayed a haughty spirit achieved much.

“The way up in the kingdom is down it is a paradox, He needs mature Christians to mentor him and speak into his life so that he doesn’t become statistics because of arrogance, He needs someone who will walk with him and counsel him,” said Chakabatwa.

Prophet Jason Jones of Word in you Ministries blamed immaturity as the root problem for prophet Passion’s behaviour.

“In Zimbabwe, I would like to believe that Prophet Passion is one of our Christian leaders who can teach the word in a way that is easy to understand.

“He prophetic gift is also something that we cannot take away from him however I would like to say that Christians need to be patient with him.
“Prophet Passion is still young and I am sure there are so many things that he is doing now which he shall stop doing as he matures,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom Embassy issued a statement describing attacks of their leader as a form of persecution that they are experiencing as a church.

“We are being attacked as a Ministry, instead of people to appreciate social responsibility programs our man of God is doing there are actually persecuting us.

“Pastors have stopped preaching about Jesus Christ on their pulpits and they are now attacking our prophet.

“Prophet Passion is a blessed man, recently he bought a Lamborghini and he has also entered a deal with Gucci when we publicize those things our aim is to show what God can do.

“In every church, there is a segment for testimonies, so what is wrong if our man of God testifies using social media platform?” Reads the church statement.H-Metro

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